This Is What We Value
Core Values


* God is our friend.

* Friendship with God is not earned by human effort, it’s God’s gift to us through faith in the person and work of his son Jesus.
* God always forgives us when we ask.
* The Bible is our manual for living.
* Prayer changes us and sometimes our circumstances.
* Building relationships with other friends of Jesus in small groups, helps to keep us spiritually healthy.
* God gives every person a spiritual gift.   We must discover the gift and use it to help others.
* God cares immensely about people who don’t yet know about his son Jesus.  God expects us to tell others about Jesus.
* God cares about all relationships.  A healthy relationship between men and women includes fidelity in marriage and celibacy in singleness.
* Giving back a tithe of our money to God, pleases God, helps others, and keeps us from being selfish.
* God cares about people who are hurting and we must care too.
* Great things can happen, in us and through us, when we respond to God’s friendship.
* Because of Jesus, God will always be our friend in life and in death.